Signage Maintenance

♦ Specialist providing signage maintenance services to corporate and retail
  identity programs throughout Thailand.
♦ Clean, repair or replace signage components.
♦ Repair, replace or upgrade signage electrical systems.
♦ Restore damaged paint work including all structures.
♦ Team has experience managing large retail network programs.

Why Signage Maintenance?

♦ Consistent cleanliness builds BRAND loyalty.
♦ Clean and fresh look attracts NEW customers.
♦ Clean day / nighttime visual appearance crates & reinforces customer
♦ Communicates that your company CARES about customer feedback.

The Facelift® Advantage

♦ We use Aerial Lift Crane Platforms.
♦ Provides speed to completion of work without normal business interruption.
♦ Completely safe for working at heights.
♦ Can get to spaces where scaffolding can not.
♦ Utilizes technology : a specially designed truck mounted pressurized hydraulic
  water system.